Writing Prompts

Here is an ongoing list of interesting writing prompts I’ve come across:

1.  Dialogue Prompt: “We can’t have a crisis- my schedule is already full.”

2. Killing someone gives you all the time they had left.

3. A child is born with an imagination so strong it leaks into reality.

4. They are alive. We are not.

5.  Dialogue Prompt: “Well this is a nice change of scenery.”  “It’s a prison cell.”  “I was being sarcastic.”

6. Every so often a dream catcher has to be ’emptied’ of the nightmares it has caught. Who does it and what do they see?

7. Dialogue Prompt: “I don’t like salad or eye contact.”

8. A loud crack in the sky signals a storm, but instead of rain something else falls from the sky.

9. Dialogue Prompt: “I have a plan.”  “Yeah? Is it a good one?”  “I have a plan.”

10. It was that time again, but maybe this time would be different.

11. This wasn’t my choice.

12. His voice brought back memories of dark rooms and broken bones.


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