Something Important to Remember When Writing…

A lot of people, even myself at times, forget about these important little things. Our senses. Writing becomes more alive when you incorporate as many senses into a scene as possible. Take this for example:

The room was dark and scary and cold. She shivered in fear as she made her way across the room. Then the door suddenly shut on its own…


She couldn’t see. Darkness overtook everything, allowing no light to seep in through the broken wood paneling she knew was over the window. A shiver racked through her body as she fumbled her way across the room, her hand drifting along the grooved brick wall, ice cold to the touch. Then there was a low humming that began where she had just come from and the door creaked shut.

Better? By engaging the reader’s senses they become even more lost in your book and everything that’s going on. With each scene you write make sure you practice putting in as many senses as you can cram in. It’ll be worth it in the long run.


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