Am I a Writer?

Sometimes I’ll look back over my writing and think, “Hm. Not too shabby.” Other times I’ll be like: “What the heck is wrong with me? How can I even call myself a writer when all I do is produce this worthless junk?” Sometimes I’ll even look over my previous posts and wonder why in the world anyone would ever want to read anything I have to say.

So am I a writer?

It’s usually only when we start to struggle that we begin to doubt ourselves, to question our abilities. Are we writers only when we have good days? Are we writers only when a small piece of our work stands up to our critical eye and harsh editing? Are we writers only when someone else says we are?

No, we’re writers when we choose to be. If you write and you love it and you can’t imagine life without, then you are a writer. You can choose to be a writer or you can choose to always doubt yourself. We should not base our “writer status” on our work or our feedback. Sure, both are important but sometimes we can be a bit too critical of ourselves.

You are who you choose to be.

So. Want to be a writer? Good. Then go write and be one.


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